About Us
Room For Change, LLC | Phone: (973) 390-4141 | Fax: (973) 256-2296

Room for Change is a Limited Liability Company established for the
purpose of painting custom environments that inspires imagination and
creativity. The artists have gained their experience and talents through
their involvement in the creative boutique field. This lead to the
opportunities to work on creating such personalized environments at
the homes and offices of perspective clients. Room for Change
provides custom artwork and consulting for each clients needs based
on their own style or budget.

Christina and Mary Jo began painting together over 10 years ago
primarily on furniture at two childrens boutiques, Promises Fulfilled
and Paintin Place. The clients they obtained through the years of
working together began requesting artwork to be done at their private
homes and businesses. These murals and other decorative painting
became quite popular as an alternative to wall coverings. Walls
became their canvas as their interest developed into painting murals.

Both artists have their own unique talents that will enhance the
appearance of any residence or business. Room for Change will
work with you to personalize your living space by creating imaginative
environments you will enjoy. The magic of a mural is that no two are
exactly alike. When you commission a mural, you now take
ownership of an original piece of artwork created just for you.